Welcome all! 

Foodbank has re-opened for 2022.  With Covid still a feature of our lives, we do require you to wear a mask, and since we're in traffic light ORANGE, to ensure safe physical distancing you will need to line-up in the carpark, and we may ask you to wait in your car if we are busy.  ID is still required, but we will be pre-packing food, so bags are not required at ORANGE.

Stay safe!

-The Foodbank team




Now open three afternoons each week!

Welcome to Palmerston North foodbank.  

You can visit the PNMSS foodbank Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday 12.30 to 2.30  to pick up a parcel.  Please bring your own bags.

Who can use our foodbank?  Anyone and everyone who lives in Palmerston North.  Please bring your ID.

What can I expect?  A significantly sized food parcel suited to the size of your household - it might not be a full week's worth of food, but it should keep you all feed for a good few days. 

Anything else?   Our Social Work team will ask if there is other help or support you want, but that is fully your choice.  We are here to support and build your intrinsic mana.

How many times can I visit the foodbank?  If you are working with a budgeter or other Social Services Professional (such as a Navigator or Social Worker) who gives you a referral to our service, you can come for as many weeks as your referrer recommends (to a maximum of 1 per month).  There is a limit of 4 parcels a year without a referral.

ShwlvesOpen Tuesday, Thursday,  and Friday 12.30 to 2.30 (from the 11th of January 2022)


Palmerston North foodbank was established in 1983, and was the first major foodbank in the city.  We are able to operate only due to the generosity of Palmerston North citizens who donate food to us throughout the year.  We work closely with the Food Hub Alliance of the Salvation Army, Just Zilch, and Whakapai Hauora to co-ordinate warehousing and share resources and information to provide the best possible services we can to clients.  In the year from the 1st of July 2015 to the 30th of June 2016, 3602 people were supported by our foodbank.  In April 2017 this number had increased by 20%, with a noticeable increase in the number of people in part-time employment needing support.

The service is available to families and individuals who are residents of Palmerston North who require food assistance.  All people are able to access the service four times a year; if more parcels are requested Social Work or Budgeting support is necessary.  Adults may claim for themselves and their partner and any children under 18 in their care; other adults in a household (including children who have left school or are 18 or older) may need to make their own application.

The PNMSS foodbank is open Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday between 12.30pm and 2.30. Coming to foodbank? We no longer have plastic bags – please bring along your own bags or boxes. We do have a limited supply of boxes available, but we cannot guarantee having any available for you.

ID is required for every visit to the foodbank, we accept Community Services Card, Drivers Licence, Birth Certificate, Passport, University ID, work ID, 18+ card, and most other forms of ID.

The service is overseen by a qualified social worker, who as well as helping with emergency food needs, can give support and advice, and may be able to advocate/liase with other agencies with and for clients.

Please note: From August 2020 Foodbank is now supported by the Ministry of Social Development to support the needs of the community in the Covid-19 environment.  This supports underpins ur service to the community, and we welcome feedback on how best to support the community in this difficult and dynamic time.

We are always grateful for donations of food, the following items are particularly appreciated:

Tinned fish / meat, tinned fruit and vegetables, eggs, bacon, meat, cheese, rice and pasta, wheetbix, cornflakes, ricebubbles, porridge, muesli, and baked beans.

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