How to Help

Highbury House

You can support us to run our programmes for free (or at low-cost) by shopping at Highbury House at 103/105 Highbury Avenue, Highbury.  The store offers quality secondhand clothing and other goods.  
Volunteers are always welcome at the stores and at the workshop where all the donated goods are sorted.

If you have good quality clothing and other items to donate please drop them off at the shop during opening hours.  If you are uncertain about whether or not to donate items, please call Vicky on 358 1045.

Donations / Bequests

Methodist Social Services had its origin in 1963, arising from the concern of members of the Methodist Church in Palmerston North at the many serious needs that were not being met by the very few welfare organisations available at that time. We partner with a variety of organisations, government departments, businesses and the wider community in the delivery of our services and other activities. Our staff are skilled in the delivery of education programmes, social work support and counselling for
children, their parents, couples and individuals. We are a registered Charitable Trust, under the governance of a Board of Trustees, which are made up of members of the Methodist Parish in Palmerston North and members of the wider community who have an interest in our work.
DONATIONS: Donations can be made at any time to the office, by mail, or by internet banking to our bank account.

Our account is: Methodist Social Services 02 0800 0004587 00
We would like to thank you if you make a donation, however we understand that sometimes people wish to make anonymous donations.   Donations can be made for a specific purpose or in general for the running of the agency and for service delivery.

‘While it is well enough to leave footprints in the sands of time, it is even more important to make sure that they point in a commendable direction.’
James Cabell

BEQUESTS:  Making a will is an opportunity to continue investing in the lives of others and in the future of your community for years to come. A bequest to Methodist Social Services enables us to continue providing a pathway towards a better life to the people we work with and for; something we have done for thousands of people since our inception in 1963.  Please email us for a brochure and further information, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please consider making a bequest to us in your will. There are many different types of bequests and ways you can give:

  • Specific gift:
 A specified sum of money, or item of property

  • Residue of your estate:
 After the payment of debts and distribution of
other specified gifts, you could bequest the
remaining estate assets.

  • A percentage of your estate:
 A gift that is a nominated percentage of your
A deferred gift:
 A gift that provides for relatives and/or friends 
during their lifetimes but which benefits others

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