Methodist Social Services offers FREE family / whanau based education programmes aimed at primary and intermediate aged children and their families, the parenting programme Parenting Through Separation, and the adult programme Destination Me.  Koha / donations are welcomed.

Our family education programmes require a parent/ caregiver to attend alongside of the children.   The parent/ caregiver attends the adults group while the child attends the children’s group allowing parallel learning to occur.  A time of sharing is usual at the end of each weekly session and afternoon tea is provided.  Each programme has 3 experienced tutors, with a maximum of 10 children per group. The programmes run on either a week night from 4.15.  Please refer to each individual programme for further information.

Ed2croppedIf you wish to enrol in a programme please either contact Hayley at the office or you can also email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dealing With Feelings

A 7-week programme for chilren aged  7-12 and their parents/caregivers designed to help children handle emotions more effectively.

Emotions are a part of life for everyone.  Being part of a group can help children to realise that what they feel is normal and can also provide support for parents/caregivers, and provide a shared way of communicating emotions within a family.

In particular the group considers anger, grief, loss, and how to express emotions in a healthy way.  The content of the programme is adjusted to suit the specific needs of the attendees.

The groups aims to -

  • Provide a safe, honest, environment for learning about emotions;
  • Understand 'self talk';
  • Help parents to understand their child's emotions, and how to provide an environment that can support changes in how they are expressed;
  • Provide children with an opportunity to express their feelings safely and help them to develop coping skills;
  • Raise understanding of the grief and loss process;
  • Normalise grief and loss;
  • Understand feelings of anger and to identify personal ‘hot buttons’, and techniques to calm and centre;
  • Understand the difference between anger and violence;
  •  Ease the sense of isolation for children and parents/caregivers.

Books  This programme is likely to run in every term in 2021.

Destination Me

A programme designed to help adults visualise their future and work out how to get there.  This programme runs over 6 weeks with 2 hour sessions.  Participants will be supported to - 

    •  Determine their strengths;
    •  Identify their individual areas of development;
    •   Commence a plan to move in a direction determined by them.

This is achieved by participants engaging in a group setting facilitated by qualified practitioners to -
    •  Increase communication skills;
    •  Enhance self-confidence to engage with others;
    •   Start to develop a greater awareness of strengths.

This programme is being organised soon, please contact us for more inforamation.

Parenting Through Separation

We offer the Parenting Through Separation programme funded by the Ministry of Justice, in conjunction with Parentline Manawatu and Barnados.
Parenting Through Separation is a free parenting course that’s available all year around New Zealand.

At the course, you’ll get practical advice to help you understand and manage the needs of your children following separation.

The Parenting Through Separation course can also help grandparents and other family and whānau members who may be involved in caring for your children.

The course takes 4 hours and is held either all in 1 daytime session at MSS (on weekends), 1 daytime session with Barnardos (weekdays), and in 2 sessions of 2 hours at Parentline (weekday evenings).

You and your ex-partner should attend different courses.  If you wish to bring a support person, please let us know at the time of booking as space is limited in the venue.

These courses fill up very quickly, so please book as soon as possible.  Bookings can be made on 350 0307 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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